Developmental Curriculum



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Your child must be at least 18 months old to enter this program.


For the majority of children this age is the time when they separate from the parents, and learn to be cared for by people outside the family. Children will learn to trust other people. In this stage of their development children work on improving their motor coordination, use their senses to build awareness. Sensorimotor skills are used to expose toddlers to new concepts, building the very first knowledge of being at school, and experiencing learning.




Recommended for children, who are turning 3 years old.

learning goals for 3-year-olds

This level offers children to develop critical thinking, problem solving and social conflict resolution skills. Building first important friendship relationships, children progress to developing valuable personal qualities, such as compassion, kindness, positive social behavior, etc. We focus on fine motor skills through arts and other hands-on activities. The group work is emphasized and we learn to follow directions. Language skills are developed through the exposure to a rich vocabulary, then practiced in various settings, including pretend play.



Pre-K Class

Recommended for children, who are turning 4 years old.


With the improved social-emotional skills, children enter the next step of their development by practicing cooperation through collaborative group work. Science, math, pre-reading skills and first steps of handwriting are the essential parts of the academic curriculum. Children are encouraged to take risks and challenge their abilities. The focus is in the preparedness for the TK & Kindergarten Class.



TK & kindergarten Class

Recommended for children who are turning 5 years old. This class offers 9 spaces only.

learning goals for the tk & kindergarten children

TK & Kindergarten children will learn thought-mapping skills, which will support the advancement of their language skills, storytelling and creative writing. Handwriting and arts are a great way for children to learn self-expression, build confidence. In this class children practice the skills of public speaking, thus building leadership skills. Science and math learning are explored further. In this class children are prepared for the greater steps of socialization and the entry to the 1st grade.



enrichment program

Designed to support the learning curriculum by providing variety of hands-on activities and experiences.

purpose of the enrichment program

The variety of extracurricular activities help children gain deeper comprehension level and make the new learnt material more meaningful.

Field trips, cultural celebrations, and professional educators outside the school add more depth to learning in a positively impactful way.